Department of Information and Media Vacancy 2021 (

Bhutan Department of Information and Media Vacancy and Career opportunities 2021 ( Vacancy 2021). Recently the Department of Information and Media (DOIM) has published vacancy announcement of the immediate requirement for the various position. Vacancy 2021 Vacancy 2021

Recognizing the importance of information in today’s knowledge-based society driven by information technology and with the need to create proper institutional and legal framework for a sound and holistic development of the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors in the Kingdom, the Royal Government created the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2003 through bifurcation of the erstwhile Ministry of Communications with the aim to tap the potential of rapid change in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) and cater to the policy and regulatory needs of the information, communications and media sector in the country.

Vacancy and Career opportunities in February 2021

The Department of Information and Media is pleased to announce the following vacancies in

  • Organization: DOIM
  • Position Title: Asst. Information and Media Officer
  • Vacancy Publish date: February 13, 2021
  • Last date to apply: 25th February 2021
  • Total Number of vacant post: 1
  • Place of Posting: Information and Media Development Division, Department of Information and Media
  • Position Level: P5 A
  • Eligibility: Bachelors Degree with PGDPA
  • Super-Structure: Administrative
  • Download Details

How to Apply

Interested candidates meeting the above eligibility criteria may apply to the Human Resource Division, Ministry of Information & Communications, Thimphu with the following documents on or before 25th February 2021, along with the following documents:(

  1. Application
  2. Valid Curriculum Vitae (from ZESt verified by the HR Officer)
  3. Moderation Score for the last two years
  4. Valid Security Clearance
  5. Valid Audit Clearance
  6. No objection certificate from working agency.

For further clarification, please contact HR Office at 322567 during office hours.